Whether it's clean up after a storm, or helping to prevent storm damage by cutting

back dead or diseased limbs or planting new trees as certified Tree Experts, we can


As a certified tree expert, Dobson has years of knowledge about tree types, soils and

proper planting techniques. With our tree planting and care services, we make sure it

is done correctly the first time.

Dead limbs and overgrown trees and shrubs are dangerous and a hazard to your

home, wiring, and your property. After careful inspection of your property, Dobson’s

tree experts can help you to identify the best methods and plans for all of the trees

and shrubs on your property.

These services also include brush cleanup, stump grinding, wood chipping and any

other debris. Our objective is leave your property better than we found it!

Be sure to contact us for a no obligation consultation of the trees on your property

and our recommendations

DOBSON LANDSCAPE CERTIFICATIONS mhic# 135350 Fertilizer application MDA-F0763 Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service Licensed Tree Expert #1046
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