Hardscaping Services

While the term “hardscape” is new to homeowners, the concept is ancient. Creating areas from stone, wood, concrete or brick to either gain access to another space, or to gather. Dobson offers a full spectrum of hardscaping design and installation services. 

A few examples of our many projects include:

Patios • Walkways • Retaining Walls • Decks • Fences and Pergolas • Driveways • Fire Pits & Fireplaces Grill Surrounds • Outdoor Kitchens • Driveways, Garden Pathways • Patio Seating Walls, Outdoor Lighting

As you can see, these are only a few of the many options when you incorporate “hardscapes” into your landscaping design. Dobson is ICPI certified, and this certification along with a full portfolio of projects means you will have solid elements to your overall design which will stand the test of time.